If we can't wait for a commodity for the health of our earth, then we shouldn't expect that the future will wait for us. We are proud of implementing the POD business model and our delivery average of 7 to 15 days.


We have chosen to be part of collaborations with other brands and contractors, to strengthen and enable our PROUD choices. In practice, it means the following;
- Joint product purchases and joint warehousing within the EU. (ex. we buy a black t-shirt to achieve larger volumes, then each brand designs its product).
- Individual collaborations outside the community means that FAM. also collaborates with individual suppliers and manufacturers.

This business model also allows us to collaborate with more prominent players who share our values ​​but usually require larger volumes per product than the FAM. or other contractors themselves can generate. To minimize the environmental impact in various aspects, we have now chosen to work with POD. POD stands for print on demand and is why FAM. delivery times do not follow the (in our opinion) outdated perspective of fast delivery. The POD process is most often associated with cheap goods and long delivery times. 

It couldn't be more wrong; POD is a collaboration model to streamline and enable collaboration with major players globally. This (not new) business model, but highly interesting from an environmental perspective, is more relevant than ever, can be seen from how the big brands such as Hennes & Mauritz Group is now investing, says Ellen Svanström - Head of Business Ventures H&M Group;

"With our investments and initiatives within on-demand printing, we can create value for the customer, external partners, as well as for the H&M group and be a force for change in the merchandise industry.

At the same time reduce the risk of overproduction."

    Ellen Svanström - Head of Business Ventures H&M Group


FAM. provides sales Globally, this means that purchasing costs, production costs, shipping costs, etc., are included in the pricing of a Rec. Price. Most often, we see online on various websites information such as * FREE Shipping but what does it mean, really?

As a consumer, many believe that it means free; the fact is that nothing is free, and the meaning of * FREE shipping means that shipping is embedded in the price so that you do not have to pay it separately. As a company, you must maintain laws, taxes, duties. FAM. is IOSS registered (EU), which means that any separate taxes/duties in different countries are registered and paid by FAM. The price you see in our shop for the product is the only amount you pay.

The country of origin is a well-debated area.

The reason for this is that within the production chain outside our transparency, it has been shown that there are issues that do not reflect either work environment laws or human rights guidelines. FAM. is well aware of these factors and tries to the best of its ability to control and ensure that we work with serious players.

FAM. products are not selected from a purchase price perspective 

FAM. Differential essential collections are chosen according to shape and quality and usually have a more expensive purchase price for us and thus a higher Rec. Out price than other material alternatives, we have rejected. The warehouse location is USA or EU, depending on which product you choose (delivery times are affected by this and are on the website when buying a product).

Once you get your product home

You will be able to see the country of origin * the primary product/material where we bought the model as * base (before we start designing the final product, our brand). You will see countries like Bangladesh, China, Italy, UK, the USA, and hopefully in the future, Sweden.

Now, if you share our PROUD values through awareness and choices, we would like to invite you to embrace the future with us and Join the FAM. community. Have a great day!