If we can't wait for a commodity for the health of our earth, then we shouldn't expect that the future will wait for us. We are proud of implementing the POD business model and our delivery average of 7 to 15 days.


PROUD is a Guideline Certificate that we created with the sole purpose of never forgetting what is essential and what FAM. is all about.

PROUD is the core behind everything we will make along our journey. FAM. will add or implement the name PROUD in circumstances that matter to us, such as our brand's business model, partners, or collaboration with others. PROUD is about *Awareness and *Choices.

We do too, but it doesn't make it suitable. Inevitably, it also means that it comes with a price to pay even though it is not visible to us today or directly affects our wallets. We concluded that it is about the perspective. In the past, FAM. had its warehouse. Previously we had 24/7 and fast delivery, usually 1-3 days. The consequence of ready-made collections in your warehouse is an insecure business model with risk for no sales and therefore overproducing. Overproducing is unsuitable for a brand that says it cares about the future or earth. This matter affects all brands with stock (large and small). What is not so common to discuss is what happens with all over productions items in the industry. We don't believe it is a defensible choice from an environmental and consumption perspective.
Implementing PROUD in our decisions means in practice that we resist the potential customer who does not want or can wait for the product. We see our customers as the "Future." With everything we know about the environmental impact and its effects, it is evident for us to make choices that affect and enable a changed view of both "consumption" and "expectations" from the market. FAM. No Ordinary Family and all our beloved supporters and clients over the years are a clear example that just because it was in one way for a long time, - It does not mean that it needs to be so for future generations. Our supporters and we are, in fact, PROUD to NOT have FAST delivery times. Fast delivery times ALWAYS harm our environment/earth and someone else in some form, no matter how hard we try to suppress it. You will find all expected delivery times under each item for our collections.

Should you buy milk *EXPECTED immediate delivery = Check!
Should you buy a car *EXPECTED long delivery = Check!
Should you buy from FAM. *EXPECTED production time delivery = Check!