If we can't wait for a commodity for the health of our earth, then we shouldn't expect that the future will wait for us. We are proud of implementing the POD business model and our delivery average of 7 to 15 days.



FAM. giveback program is part of our business model. It is not a refund to anyone but it is about doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return. No one is perfect, everyone has made mistakes and many need a hero to hold hands.We do not have the knowledge required but many organizations know where money does the most good. The organizations that we choose to be part of FAM.'s Giveback program are those that we do not doubt is legitimate and that share our purpose and goals, ie. to create conditions for someone else without self-interest.

FAM.'s giveback program means that each selected organization will receive 5% of the company's profit per year through a donation from FAM. It MIGHT be nothing OR it MIGHT be a lot, we are constantly looking for organizations that make an impact for many without their interest. Organizations can not apply to us, we found them.






 The foundation was created by his parents.

Tim Bergling Foundation advocates for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and actively works to remove the stigma attached to suicide and mental health issues. The foundation supports science-based organizations engaged in research and preventative actions against mental illness and suicide, particularly among young people.


Additionally, the foundation will support aid work in areas where Tim had a passion, such as climate change, global hunger, and preservation of wildlife and endangered species.

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 "We are more than Friends."